(SOLVED) Advanced Financial Management

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Advanced Financial Management

Word count requirements

The word count for this assignment is 2500 words.

You must state on the front of your assignment the number of words used and this will be checked.

The main text for this assignment must be word-processed in Arial, font 12, double spacing, minimum 2cm margins all around.

You must observe the word count specified in this assignment brief. The School has a policy of accepting variations to the recommended word count of plus or minus 10%.

What does this mean for you?

Markers will mark your work up to the word count maximum plus 10% and then will stop marking; therefore all words which are in excess of the word count plus 10% will not be marked.

Where your word count is more than 10% below that specified, it is likely that this will result in a lack of analytical depth or relevant content, which will be reflected in the mark assigned.

What is in the word count?

The word count includes:

–           the main text, including in-text reference citations and quotations.

The word count does not include:

–       Appendices. These may be used to include supporting data, which may be too detailed or complex to include as a Table. They are not a device to incorporate material, which would otherwise cause you to exceed the word limit.

–       Title page

–       Contents page

–       Abstract/executive summary

–       Tables, figures, legends

–       Reference lists

–       Acknowledgements


Task 1.

Obtain a recent set of financial statements from a fully trading private limited UK company (using the Companies House website – instructions on how to do this will be issued during the module).

The choice of company must be agreed by the module leader, and this must be done by Friday 13 November 2020.

You are required to prepare a report for a potential employee, advising them as to whether they should accept a full-time, permanent, contract of employment with the company.

Prepare a report as to the financial performance of the company over the period that the financial statements cover (i.e. the two years).

Use only the information provided within the financial statements and the notes to the accounts.

The report should cover the following:

  1. An in-depth analysis of the performance of the business, using actual figures, appropriate ratios, and an interpretation of these.

All calculations should be included as an appendix, and therefore do not form part of the wordcount.

(800 words)

  1. A critical analysis of using financial statements as a tool to analyse the financial performance of a company.

(350 words)

  1. An explanation of what other information is needed to improve the analysis.

 (350 words)

Task 2.

Anfield Ltd is a privately-owned trading company that operates a number of sports clothing and equipment stores in the North of England. The latest set of financial statements shows that it had a turnover of £5 million, with net assets of £6m (including a cash balance of £1m). The company is 100% owned by two brothers (each owning 50% of the ordinary share capital).

The Directors are considering the need for a new central warehouse, and have been told that this would cost £3m in total to get it up and running.

Advise the directors of Anfield Limited on the following:

  1. How to assess whether the project would be financially viable, and if the decision is made to go ahead, how the project would be financially managed and monitored

(500 words)

  1. How to fund the expansion

(500 words)

In both a) and b), you should critically analyse all suitable options, then advise (with reasons), which should be adopted by the Directors.


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