(SOLVED) HLT362 Topic 1 DQ 1

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Discuss the historical application of statistics in the field of health care. Describe an example, other than Florence Nightingale’s contributions, where statistical application has greatly influenced or changed health care operations or practice.


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Statistics and its utilization have continued to evolve over time. The 18th century focused on the development of mathematics and the theories of probability. In the 19th century, the American Statistical Association was formed in Boston, Massachusetts. Following the development of civil registration of births and deaths, the U.S. government began expanding their use of statistics from the mere collection of the data for census knowledge to the analysis of this data. The analysis of the data began the use of epidemiology to improve population health (Helbig & Ambrose, 2018).In the early 1970’s the National Center of Health Statistics created automatic system to process cause-of-death data through…………..

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