(Solved) MATH225 Week 1 Discussion : Basic statistics data used in everyday life

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Initial Post Instructions

  1. Present two different types of data, or variables, used in the health field. Examples could be blood pressure, temperature, pH, pain rating scales, pulse oximetry, % hematocrit, minute respiration, gender, age, ethnicity, etc.
  2. Classify each of your variables as qualitative or quantitative and explain why they fall into the category that you chose.
  3. Also, classify each of the variables as to their level of measurement–nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio–and justify your classifications.
  4. Which type of sampling could you use to gather your data? (stratified, cluster, systematic, and convenience sampling)

I chose temperature and age for this discussion post. Temperature and age are quantitative variables since they deal with attributes that a researcher can measure objectively and have a number value. This is opposed to qualitative variables which essentially deal with clarifications and characteristics that can only be observed in a subjective manner such as attractiveness (Holmes et al., 2017).

Moreover, age is measured in a ratio scale. This is so because there is an absolute zero where age 0 represents no age. In addition, age can be expressed in ratios. For instance, someone who is 25 years old is half as old as someone who is 50 years old.  On the contrary……

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