(Solved) MATH225 Week 3 : Assignment Lab

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I used the terms ‘diabetic patients’ as highlighted in the list of article titles. Other terms that I marked before conducting the search are English (language), last 12 months (publication date), full text and peer reviewed. The articles found by the search were 2448. The article that I choose is a referenced here below.

Myla S., Ramesh, T., Sudhakara R., Rezwana B., Rajesh N. & Reshmi, T.  (2018). Oral manifestations in diabetic patients under treatment for ischemic heart diseases: A comparative observational study. Journal of Indian Academy of Oral Medicine & Radiology, 30(4), pp. 385-391

I know of a close person who has been struggling with diabetes which prompted my interest in the article and which could consequently explain why I choose it for this assignment lab.

The size of classes is …………………

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