(Solved) MATH225 Week 8 Discussion Correlation and Regression

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Initial Post Instructions

If a regression analysis was to be completed on body mass index (BMI), what could be an independent variable in that analysis? Why? If we could, what other independent variables should be included in the analysis? What statistic(s) would show the value of that regression in understanding BMI?

Alternatively, find an article that uses regression analysis to study a medical concern. In that study, what was the dependent variable and what were the independent variable(s)? Further, how would you use this study to highlight the difference between correlations and causation?


Hello Professor and class

The analysis I have in mind is one that examines the impact of body mass index (BMI) on sperm quantity and quality. Here BMI would serve as the independent variable while sperm quantity and quality would be the dependent variable. It is the BMI that is expected to impact on sperm quantity and quality and not the other way round, which explain the categorization of the former as the independent variable (Holmes, Illowsky & Dean, 2017)…………………….

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