(SOLVED) MPH506 Module 1: Discussion

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You will participate in one discussion this week. There are two different topics presented below, in bolded text. Please choose one of these topics for your discussion this week, address the bullet items under the topic name.

  • Three Ps
    • Describe the three Ps that are principal determinants of health worldwide.
    • Analyze and discuss how the three Ps could be considered interrelated characteristics.
    • Can you think of other consequences of the three Ps that are not discussed in the textbook?
  • Environmental Health Hot Topics
    • Compile and present five of today’s most pressing environmental health issues and explain why you selected each of these five items.
    • What might be the short-term and long-term environmental effects of these five hot topics?
    • How might each of their risks be assessed?

Hello class

In my assessment, the most pressing environmental issues in the 21st century are air pollution, deforestation, radiation, climate change and occupational hazards. I choose to explore these 5 factors as their effects are widespread and very harmful to the environment worldwide. Particularly, it is essential to note that air pollution has been the number one type of pollution globally (WHO, 2020) Notably, a 2012 report by the World Health Organization shows that one in every eight people die from respiratory complications brought about by air pollution. These numbers are on the rise (Perera 2017). Similarly, a World Health Organization report indicates that deforestation is the number one leading cause of Global Warming (Friis, 2019). Moreover, Scientists at NASA noted that earth is becoming warmer by the day, with the hottest years being the last 20-30 ones. In addition………………….

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