(SOLVED) MPH509 Module 3: CBPR Skill-Building Activity – Part 1 Walking Tour

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CBPR Skill-building: To help you develop skill in CBPR, you will complete a walking tour, a photo-voice project, and a community asset map, as a three-part activity.

Course Outcomes

Through this assignment, the student will meet the following course outcomes:

  • CO 1: Articulate the principles of CBPR in the development and evaluation of CBPR projects and interventions.
  • CO 7: Demonstrate the methods and skills used in the development, implementation, and evaluation of CBPR projects.

Total Points Possible

This assignment is worth 110 points.

Due Date

Submit your file(s) by 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday, at the end of Week 3.


Skill Building Activity – Part 1: Walking Tour

Choose a location in your community that you know well. It can be a park, a shopping mall, a place of worship, a street or area of your neighborhood that is meaningful to you. Spend at least 30-60 minutes touring this area on foot. When you visit this place, answer the following questions:

  • Describe this place.
  • What does it look like to you?
  • How do you get there?
  • What role does it play in your life?
  • What role does it play in your community?
  • Why is it important you? What are the strengths of this place?
  • What are the weaknesses of this place?
  • What is the local knowledge or wisdom specific to this place?
  • How did you and others in your community come to acquire that local knowledge?
  • What kind of CBPR work can you envision doing in this place?
  • How would a CBPR project impact this area?

Please post your questions to the Q & A Forum should you need additional support.

Submit your file(s) by 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday, at the end of Week 3.


Describe this place

I decided to visit Fort Greene Park. It is a 30 acre park owned and operated by the city and located at the edge of Downtown Brooklyn (Fort Greene Park, 2020). It is a diverse and vibrant public space that gives people a place to reflect and think in a busy and bursting city. Of note, the park boasts of the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument – a memorial of 11500 prisoners of war who died in captivity during the American Revolutionary War aboard British warships. The park has other amenities such as playgrounds, a basketball and tennis court that……

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