(SOLVED) MPH509 Module 6: CBPR Outcomes and Evaluation

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Please review the readings and prepare the following discussion:

From this week’s readings, choose either the Cambodian girls in Long Beach project; the transgender health project; or DeMarco’s “Silencing the Self” to address in our discussion.

  1. Choose three propositions that fit the best with the project’s outcomes. Label the subject of your initial post using the reading selection and your first/last name.
  2. As part of your initial post, answer the following questions.
    • Why did you choose these propositions?
    • How do they relate to the study and its outcomes?
  3. Create a 2 x 2 table. Label the top of the table, Internal Evaluation and External Evaluation. Label the side of the table, Participatory Evaluation and Non-Participatory Evaluation. (See sample table below, and review page 388 from the Israel et al reading.)
  4. Use this 2 x 2 table as a decision matrix to help you decide what kind of evaluation you would conduct for this study.In your initial post, address the following.
    • List the pros and cons for each kind of evaluation.
    • Articulate why you chose the kind of evaluation that you did.
    • How does your choice of evaluation relate to the propositions that you chose?
  5. Attach your 2 x 2 table as a PowerPoint slide for the rest of the class to view with your initial post.When responding to classmates’ posts, find those classmates who chose the same article as you. Please review their proposition choices, 2 x 2 tables, and related discussions. Then, respond to each other’s commentary about your work. The idea for this assignment is to create dialogue and shared learning about CBPR outcomes and evaluation. In your review of their work, please address the following questions.
    • How were their decisions similar to or different from yours?
    • When your classmates’ proposition choices and evaluation decisions differed from yours, how would you resolve these differences (as if you were in a real-life CBPR project) to reach consensus and still have meaningful propositions and a robust evaluation process?
    • In instances where you reached the same conclusions, how would you work together to expand the propositions and evaluation processes?
    • What else could you include in the propositions and the evaluation process?
Sample Table
Internal Evaluation External Evaluation
Participatory Evaluation
Non-Participatory Evaluation


Hello class

Subject- DeMarco’s ’Silencing the Self’ by…..

Three propositions that fit the best with the project’s outcomes

The three propositions that fit project outcomes using a research that describes the CBPR Conceptual Logic Model are:

Proposition 1: The more individuals demonstrate cultural humility the stronger relational dynamics will be.

Proposition 2: The better group dynamics are, the greater the probability of CBPR system and capacity changes and improved outcomes.

Proposition 3: The more a CBPR partnership can integrate local beliefs in the research, the more positive the CBPR system and capacity change outcomes will be.

Reasons for choosing these propositions

One of the reasons why I chose these propositions….

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