(SOLVED) MPH509 Module 6: Group Policy Activity: Part 2 – Power Mapping: Defining Policymakers and Other Key Players

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Specific instructions for Part 2: There are two tasks in this part.

  • Task 1 Group Discussion (required, not graded)
  • Task 2 Individual Power Map Activity (graded)

Task 1 – Group Discussion (required, not graded)

With your group, develop a power map for your policy objective, using the Group Discussion thread in Module 1.

Use this map to determine the following:

  • Who are the policy targets?
  • Who are the key players or stakeholders?
  • Who is the opposition?

Based on your map, choose the three most important individuals and organizations to influence.

Before beginning, select the specific change you want to bring about and select one policy objective you hope to achieve in order to help effect this change.

  1. Identify the policy target or targets: the individuals and organizations with the power to make a particular change happen.
  2. Identify the other key players in this situation: the individuals, organization or in some cases communities that may be affected by the problem or policy or that have the potential to influence the situation. Try to anticipate who might be in this category.
  3. Once you have identified your policy targets and key players, create your power map using PowerPoint or Word.

Task 2 – Individual Power Map Activity (graded) 

As individuals, please include answers to the Questions for Reflection listed below. Submit this deliverable here.

Questions for reflection:

  • For the issue you have chosen to examine, was it easier to identify potential supporters or sources of opposition? Why?
  • Were there any surprises when you considered potential overlapping interests among targets and players?
  • If your group decided that the time was right to approach a key target or a key player, what next steps might this approach usefully entail?

Post questions for this activity to the Q & A Forum should you need additional support.

Submit your file by 11:59 pm (MT), Sunday, end of Week 6.


Task 1- Part of Group Discussion

Policy objective

The specific change that this author’s group wants to bring about is ensuring that all assault weapons and large-capacity magazines owned by American public are banned or confiscated. In tandem, the policy objective is to reduce the number of guns owned by American public, and in so doing, reduce the number of gun related violence in the country.

The policy targets

Based on the power map attached ……….(cont…)

Task 2 – Individual Power Map Activity

I was relatively easier to identify our potential supporters than sources of opposition in the gun control issue. I think this is because the increasing number of gun related violence has heightened the debate and it has now become much easier for most Americans to speak up on the need for gun control. Not only are Americans speaking up at homes and in social media such as Twitter its C.E.O is a potential supporter of our efforts as we noted in our power map.

The main surprise when we considered potential overlapping interests among targets and players, is that we did not actually know how influential the National Rifle Association (NRA) is………

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