(Solved) NR451 Week 6 Discussion: Transformational Leadership

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Discussion Questions

Transformational leaders influence those around them and therefore have the potential to alter the culture of a unit or organization. Please address the following topics:

  • Summarize your general beliefs of what makes a good leader.
  • Regarding the transformational leadership skills discussed in our required article reading, how do you think your leadership style is perceived by others?
  • What aspect of the TEACH values discussed in the lesson do you think would most benefit your work environment if adopted?


Hello professor and class

A good leader possesses a set of qualities, values, and skills. Leadership requires a clear vision. I believe that a good leader should have a clear vision of what the team is set to achieve and the strategies to be employed to achieve these goals. A good leader needs to have faith in their beliefs. Leadership requires confidence and passion for what the individual does (Boamah et al., 2018). If a leader does not have faith in their own beliefs……………………………..

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