(Solved) POLI72021: Borders, Identities, Citizenship

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POLI72021: Borders, Identities, Citizenship

Essay 80%

The task

  • You must write one compulsory 3,200 word essay as 80% of your overall mark. The essay questions will be distributed by WEEK 5.
  • It must be typed, and double-spaced.
  • Essays must conform to the guidelines on footnotes and bibliography
Mark Criteria

·         Makes a clear thesis argument which addresses the question or the task.

·          Appropriate evidence/examples, especially those drawn from course readings, are provided to illustrate assertions.

·         Analysis links evidence to argument in a clear, coherent way.

·         Organization is clear, answer is well-outlined.

60-69 ·         Makes a thesis statement

·         Provides evidence in the form of at least one example

·         Cites at least one reading from the text

·         Analysis is mostly correct, makes ties between argument and evidence in a mostly successful way.

·         Organization is coherent.

50-59 ·         Thesis statement is misapplied

·         Analysis does only partially links evidence to argument or is misapplied.

·         Evidence reference is vague or unspecific

·         Citations of course material is inappropriate, misapplied or absent altogether.

·         Organization is vague.

40-49 ·

·         Presents no references to course materials

·         Contains no clear thesis

·         Organization is vague or confusing

·         Evidence cited is incorrect or incomplete

·         Analysis is superficial or fails to link evidence to argument

Below 40 ·         Answer is incomplete, incoherent, or entirely unrelated to question.

Essay Questions

  1. How have Critical Border Studies altered the research agenda on borders?
  2. Discuss key contributions of feminist scholars to the study of boarders.
  3. Do Border Studies need to be decolonised? If so, how?
  4. Maps can convey a strong message on behalf of a particular world-view (Agnew 2003: p.5). Discuss.
  5. ‘Passport are on the front lines of defining and defending national citizenship…’ (Salter 2004:73). Discuss.
  6. ‘Documents are ideological artefacts: they are not neutral’ (Navaro-Yashin 2007: 88).Discuss.
  7. How do diasporic identities challenge state sovereignty?
  8. Biometric documents indicate a different imagining of the border. Discuss.
  9. A refugee is created at the border. Discuss.
  10. How do the issues of spatial regulation affect the status of minority groups? Discuss with reference to the Roma people or another example of your choice.
  11. ‘Bodies not only are territory but also make territory’ (Smith 2010). Discuss

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